Les flops et... le top de la défaite de l

Rugby/Top 14 – The flops and… the highlights of ASM’s defeat in Castres

The game at the foot of Clermont. In appalling playing conditions, Clermont first lost the ping-pong game he delivered to the CO. What Jono Gibbes also recognized after the meeting. “Their footwork did not necessarily always put us under pressure but it put us in unfavorable situations. The length of their kicking game allowed them to have a better occupation in order to obtain penalties in areas where they could be tempted, ”analyzed the coach. In this showdown, Parra and Lopez indisputably lost their duel from a distance with the Castres artificers, Dumora and Urdapilleta in the lead.

The scrum did not compensate for the kicking game

Some bad choices. It was important to race in the lead in these playing conditions. We can regret that Clermont did not take the three points on his first penalty and preferred the penalty mark where he was countered.
“We lacked patience and precision at times”, also noted Jono Gibbes, perhaps alluding to this long improbable pass on the closed side of Parra intercepted by Nakosi in the middle of the first period in one of the highlights of the ASM. Without forgetting these stupid penalties conceded by Vahaamahina (22nd, which cost three points) or Lee (46th).

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Fofana’s package. Wesley Fofana should have had a third start after those against Leicester. The ace ! The center three-quarters missed the meeting again. Sick in the night from Friday to Saturday, he had to forfeit. This forced the staff to upset a three-quarter line already decimated by the injuries of Naqalevu, Penaud, Matsushima, Moala and Raka. Thus, Tiberghien slipped at the back, Barraque in the center and Rozière was established, Clément Lanen being called on the bench.

Bad weather conditions. He started falling off the halberds just before kick-off. The rain was torrential for almost the entire game, making any passing game very complicated, if not impossible. According to Opta figures, there were more kicks (96) than passes (90) in the entire meeting!

premium Castres – ASM: the notebook of Clermontois

We liked…

The Clermontois melee. Rolled in closed scrum, Castres proved the adage “No scrum no win” to lie this Saturday. The CO was penalized six times in this sector by referee M. Descottes. The left pillar replacing Wayan De Benedittis even received a yellow card at the start of the second period. But Clermont did not know how to take advantage of it. What Rabah Slimani, author of a capital performance, regretted. “It did nothing for us. It’s frustrating. »

Didier Cros

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