His 1st league title, the celebrations, the match, etc., the Pochettino conference after PSG / Lens (1-1)

His 1st league title, the celebrations, the match, etc., the Pochettino conference after PSG / Lens (1-1)

It was as a champion of France that Mauricio Pochettino appeared at a press conference after PSG / Lens (1-1) this Saturday evening. And far from the sulks of each other, he enjoyed his first championship title.

It’s a funny evening to celebrate, but what do you remember about this title and this season?
“A title is a title. To be champion of France is deserved. The evening was special, you said it, yes. We still have merit for this title, and we have to be happy for that. It happened what happened, but it’s in the past now. We must focus on the present and serve ourselves as an experience to be used in the best way for the future. »

No party or specific celebration today in public for the club. Do you nevertheless have the impression of well being champion of France now?
“We celebrated it in a select committee in the locker room, with the players and the staff. Most important. Afterwards, it was planned that way and we will do it against Metz. The club wants to celebrate with everyone, at home, and all together. But we celebrated in the locker room, I’m all wet with champagne. When you win a title, you always have to celebrate it. Because, when you lose, you suffer a lot. »

Precisely, what was the atmosphere in the locker room after the meeting?
“The atmosphere was good, that’s normal. Winning an important title, the tenth in club history, is always something important. History is built through small steps. You have to go find them. It’s never easy so always celebrate what you win. Those who do not want to do so also have the right (laugh). In my opinion, this remains something important for a club with 50 years of history. Writing history makes me very happy personally, especially in Paris. I dreamed of winning titles with PSG. I was a captain there about twenty years ago, so it’s a nice symbol. We have won three titles in the last 18 months, but we hope to win more later. »

Is this also your first title in the league since the start of your coaching career? Do you understand the attitude of the supporters, which again caused a very strange atmosphere tonight?
“We are experiencing this difficult situation in relations with our supporters. We do what we have to do and hope that this will be resolved. I repeat, but the club is above any person or situation in my opinion. This coat of arms deserves all possible respect. On our side, even if we couldn’t win other titles that we dreamed of, we always did our best and showed all the respect that the club deserves. We respect their decision, because we live within a democratic system. Me, I’m happy and happy for the club and the people. I am also thinking of those who make daily efforts to ensure that everything goes well. We always want the best possible for everyone and hope to be much better in the future. I wish the best in all areas to everyone, both in the professional world and at the family level. »

How do you explain that you never managed to get the upper hand over this Lens team, even at eleven against ten?
“We conceded the draw but recovered the point needed to be champions today. It’s the minimum for us, because if we analyze the match, we should have actually won it easily. We may have made a mistake and underestimated the opponent when he was down to ten. They took advantage of it and scored at that moment. We thought maybe too much that we had almost won the title in the few minutes left to play. »

You are the second Argentinian coach to win the Ligue 1 championship (after Luis Carniglia with Nice in 1952). What is the value of this title for you, because it is true that we saw very little joy from the group on the lawn?
“It was not planned to celebrate this title today on the pitch. The club will do it well in the last game of the season. But this title has enormous personal value. Winning three titles in a year and a half is not anything. We have a lot of credit for that. The expectation and the requirement have constantly increased in recent years within a club like PSG. The objectives set are very high. I repeat myself, but the disappointment is great after this failure in the Champions League. Winning this tenth championship title allows us to write history and makes me very happy. We can always do much better and dream big. I hope we will win many more titles together. This is the fundamental objective for the future. »

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