Celtics just too strong for Nets: 109-103 win as boss

Celtics just too strong for Nets: 109-103 win as boss

The flashiest series of this first round was setting down in the city that never sleeps aka New York tonight. Objective victory for the Nets, in order to give themselves some air and to restart everything in a series which is currently completely out of control for them. Alas, the Celtics have heart, desire, and it’s 3-0 in the series.

For the statistics of this match, it’s HERE!

The game was CA-PI-TAL for the Nets, trailing two sets to nothing by a valiant Boston team. Many adjustments were expected from Steve Nash to get Kevin Durant out of the infernal defensive marking of Jayson Tatum and Co., but as soon as the match started, the noose around KD was already tightened to the maximum. It is therefore Bruce Brown and Nico Claxton who must take responsibility for the attack, because Kyrie is also under close surveillance. Boston plays its game, neither more nor less, taking advantage of the totally non-existent adaptation of the Nets staff: 3-pointers completely open in the corner, pick and roll open to envy… it’s the celebration of beautiful basketball for the Celtics and the men of Ime Udoka logically take a ten point lead. The Nets are lost, as in the previous game, and rely either on defensive omissions, or on very complicated shots so as not to take the tide. You would have thought that coming home would give Brooklyn a boost and envy, but nothing at all, and the C’s are good in their shoes. It gives 53-50 at half-time on the scoreboard thanks to a run from the locals just before the break, but that absolutely does not reflect the physiognomy of the match.

And we’ll have to talk about Steve Nash, because that’s almost laughable in terms of coaching. No lesson was learned from the second game, and the Nets paled in comparison to the Celtics who never give the impression of forcing their game as they are serene in a meeting they totally control. Two opposing playing philosophies collide in this series: On the one hand, a defense-based Boston team, which spawns its offensive highlights from big streaks of protecting the circle, mentally draining the opponent to take advantage then his mistakes on the other side of the field. At the Nets, we see the exact opposite: the highlights are based almost solely on the attack, with the desire to disgust the defense to push it to commit oversights afterwards. Too bad, because when the two best of the team are completely locked, impossible to create any momentum despite the great efforts of Bruce Brown, Patty Mills and even… Blake Griffin. Worse, the Nets did not show more than that the will to defend, the C’s responding without difficulty to each start of Brooklyn’s run. Physical language is also an important element: where the Celtics give 110% of Jayson Tatum, the guys at BKN seem disinterested and loose. In short, the gap continues to widen between the two formations, and the green steamroller seems so well launched and so well oiled that a victory for the Nets seems almost unlikely in this series. Boston’s 109-103 victory, clear, concise, deserved. Get out the brooms!

Defeat could not be more logical as the gap between the Nets and the Celtics is so great in the different compartments of the game. The exit door is now at the end of the next game in the event of defeat for Kevin and his friends, so it is up to him to show the way to avoid humiliation if not elimination.

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