OL-PSG live: OL take an option for the final!

OL-PSG live: OL take an option for the final!

This is the end of this meeting!

OL beat PSG (3-2), thanks to a goal from Wendie Renard from the penalty spot (23rd) and a double from Catarina Macario (34th, 51st) on one side, against goals from Marie-Antoinette Katoto ( 6th) and Paulina Dudek on penalty (58th) on the other. The Champions League semi-final second leg will take place on Saturday April 30 at 9 p.m.

Votikova’s Parade!

Ada Hegerberg, well served by Amandine Henry, comes up against Barbora Votikova!

Katoto’s Strike!

Marie-Antoinette Katoto takes her chance, but her ball ends up overhead!

OL break the rhythm

Delphine Cascarino suffers from cramps. She leaves her place to Emelyne Laurent.

What about the return match?

It will take place on Saturday April 30 at 9 p.m.

We don’t take risks in Paris

Ashley Lawrence is replaced by Elisa De Almeida.

Hard blow for PSG

Ashley Lawrence is currently in treatment.

PSG insists on

Chances are rare, but PSG insist on at least equalizing.

Parisian youth

Laurina Fazer is replaced by Magnaba Folquet.

First change for PSG

Ramona Bachmann replaces Sandy Baltimore.

Geyoro offside!

Grace Geyoro had yet equalized, but this goal will not be validated.

OL are not immune

PSG will try to bring danger, on a corner.

The VAR, still in demand

An offside was whistled against OL, but a penalty was also checked. Finally, PSG can revive.

Double change at OL

Melvine Malard and Selma Bacha are replaced by Eugenie Le Sommer and Perle Morroni.

Bacha is not better

The Lyonnaise is not recovering from her shock to the head. The healers return to the lawn.

Another yellow card against PSG

This time, it is Sakina Karchaoui who is warned, for a foul on Delphine Cascarino.

Bacha is sounded

The Lyonnaise took the ball full head. She is neat.

PSG is back in the game!

Paulina Dudek takes care of this penalty and converts it with a left foot strike! Christiane Endler, part on her right side, touches the ball, but it is not enough!

Penalty for PSG!

The referee returns and awards a penalty for PSG.

Penalty for PSG?

The game is stopped, for a potential handball by Melvine Malard in the penalty area. The referee will check the images.

Corner for OL

Sandy Baltimore punches, but she gets countered. Corner for PSG.

OL insist

Catarina Macario takes her chance again, but it’s countered.


OL takes off!!! After a huge misunderstanding between Paulina Dudek and Barbora Votikova, Catarina Macario took advantage and scored a double!

The ordeal of the PSG goalkeeper in the Champions League semi-final against OL
The ordeal of the PSG goalkeeper in the Champions League semi-final against OL © DAZN screen capture

We leave with the same

No changes to report at the break, on either side.

It’s time for the second period!

The kick-off was given and PSG engaged.

It’s halftime!

At the end of the first 45 minutes of play, OL lead against PSG (2-1), thanks to goals from Wendie Renard, from the penalty spot (24th) and Catarina Macario (34th) on one side, against an achievement of Marie-Antoinette Katoto (7th) on the other.

OL is pushing

On this corner shot by Selma Bacha from right to left, the ball is sent into the penalty area. At the far post, Ada Hegerberg does not fit her header.

Corner for Lyon

Melvine Malard, at the entrance to the penalty area, strikes with the right foot, but it’s unscrewed. The referee indicates a corner.

Vigilant Votikova

On the right side, Ellie Carpenter manages to cross, but Barbora Votikova lays down on the ball.

PSG is struggling

After a side pass, full axis, the ball is lost. Behind, the Parisian defense is mistreated!

PSG tries to leave

After these two goals taken in ten minutes, PSG took a hit behind the head.

Macario, and eight

Catarina Macario scored her eighth goal in the competition.

OL take the lead!!!!

After a bad recovery from the Parisian door, OL recovers the ball. Perfectly thrown into the penalty area by Ada Hegerberg, Catarina Macario scores!

Lyon has struck more

Seven shots for OL, against four attempts for PSG.

PSG nevertheless have their foot on the ball

53% possession for the Parisiennes against 47% for the Lyonnaises.

31st goal for Renard

For her 100th game, Wendie Renard scored her 31st goal in the competition.

Equalization of OL!!!!

Wendie Renard takes care of this penalty and transforms it, with a strike with the right foot! Barbora Votikova had started on the right side, on her right, but she can’t do anything!

Penalty for OL!

Full axis, Melvin Malard, completely alone in the penalty area, strikes with the right foot, but Barbora Votikova intervenes! Behind, the Lyonnaise is mowed down by the door! Penalty for OL!

Another corner for PSG

Then a third. The Lyonnais are cornered on their goal.

PSG stay ahead

The Parisiennes even get a corner, thanks to Kadidiatou Diani.

Katoto insists

Marie-Antoinette Katoto, in the penalty area, takes her chance, but it’s too much.

First yellow card out

For a foul on Lindsey Horan, Grace Geyoro is already warned.

20th goal for Katoto

For her 25th European match, Marie-Antoinette Katoto scored her 20th goal.

OL’s response!

From a distance, Amandine Henry, in first intention, takes her chance with the left foot, but Barbora Votikova seizes the ball.

Goal validated!

The goal is validated and OL will now have to react quickly.

Goal validated?

The VAR comes into action, to ensure the validity of this goal.

Opening of the score for the PSG!!!!

Well served by Sara Dabritz, Marie-Antoinette Katoto, in the penalty area, plays with the Lyon defense and adjusts Christiane Endler!

OL, the pass of twelve

OL are playing their twelfth semi-final in the competition. It’s unprecedented!

Let’s go for the first period!

The kick-off was given and OL engaged.

The Legend Fox

Wendie Renard will play her 100th European match!

A Croatian referee whistling

At Groupama Stadium, the match will be refereed by Croatian Ivana Martincic.

The composition of PSG

Didier Ollé-Nicolle opts for a 4-3-3: Votikova – Lawrence, Ilestedt, Dudek, Karchaoui – Fazer, Geyoro (c), Dabritz – Diani, Katoto, Baltimore.

Replacements: Picaud (g), Voll (g), Bachmann, E. Cascarino, De Almeida, Folquet, Huitema, Ildhusoy, Khelifi, Le Guilly, Luana.

The composition of OL

Sonia Bompastor opts for a 4-2-3-1: Endler – Carpenter, Buchanan, Renard (c), Bacha – Henry, Macario – Horan, Cascarino, Hegerberg – Malard.

Replacements: Bouhaddi (l), Holmgren (l), Benyahia, Gunnarsdottir, Laurent, Le Sommer, Mbock, Morroni, Sombath.

Lyon’s probable XI for the Champions League semi-final first leg against Paris-Saint Germain

Carpenter, Mbock, Fox (c), Bacha
Henry, Horan, Macario
Cascarino, Hegerberg, Malard


Beautiful people for this meeting

Angelo Castellazzi and Leonardo are present for the match.


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