Why so much "hate" towards Emmanuel Macron in Martinique?  - Martinique the 1st

Why so much “hate” towards Emmanuel Macron in Martinique? – Martinique the 1st

The outgoing President was democratically re-elected on Sunday April 24, 2022 with 58.54% of the vote, against his opponent Marine Le Pen, who recorded 41.46% of the vote. But Emmanuel Macron is aware that his policy has aroused anger during his first five-year term in Martinique, as in mainland France.

The ballot boxes therefore designated Emmanuel Macron, candidate of LaREM, winner of the presidential election on the evening of the second round, Sunday April 24, 2022. With 58.54% of the votes, the outgoing President re-elected distance his rival Marine Le Pen by 17 points , but the electorate of the candidate of the National Rally was reinforced, with 41.46% of the vote.

The RN vote has also gained a lot of ground in Martinique as practically everywhere in Overseas, except in peaceful territories. During the first round, it was the candidate of the radical left, Jean-Luc Mélanchon, who came out on top on the island. 15 days later, voters swung to the far right, after sending the government parties, the PS and LR, to their desks.

Score of finalists Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron, during the presidential election in 2017, then in 2022 in Martinique.

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As soon as the result of this democratic election was published, Marine Le Pen’s local supporters identified it as a membership vote, while her opponents spoke of a protest vote, a sanction, an anti-Macron front… Moreover, several local political leaders and movements had called for “to block” to the representative of the RN in the second round. But obviously, these instructions were not respected in Martinique, since the far right, against all odds, further increased its score compared to the 2017 presidential election throughout the territory.

Does this mean that a majority of Martinicans have embraced the theses of the former National Front? Observers like political scientist Justin Daniel do not believe a word of it.

Which confirms that it is not a membership vote. In the first round, we noted with the vote in favor of Mélenchon the expression of anger where there was also a form of protest and Marine Le Pen capitalizes on this. This vote is a signal for all those responsible at all levels because it means that there are problems and unease that will have to be addressed.

Justin Daniel, political scientist

Emmanuel Macron has indeed been the “punching ball” of many voters dissatisfied with the past, the present and anxious about the future. Many subjects have crystallized this anger over time and not only since the 2017 election.

We can list in bulk, the high cost of living, the management of the health crisis from which several caregivers have been dismissed for lack of compulsory vaccination, the chlordecone scandal which could lead to a dismissal, the problem of Sargassum algae which occasionally invade the coast. Martinican for years, the prospect of a postponement of the legal retirement age (from 62 to 64 or 65 years old)…

And then, Emmanuel Macron also paid in the voting booth for certain little sentences clumsily dropped on the ground, or even the image of a young President “of the rich” sometimes “arrogant” Where “contemptuous” according to part of the opinion. In other words, the expression of affect also played against him and the actions deemed positive by his supporters.

The Elysée tenant for 5 more years is well aware that his re-election is not “not a blank check” as his main opponents pointed out to him immediately after his victory. During his first speech after the vote in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, he admitted the responsibility that now falls to him, that is to say, to reassure, appease and reconcile the French.


Emmanuel Macron, in December 2021 in Paris


I know that many of our compatriots voted for me today, not to support the ideas I hold, but to block those of the extreme right. I want to thank them here and tell them that I am aware that this vote binds me for the years to come. I am the custodian of their sense of duty, of their attachment to the Republic and of respect for the differences that have been expressed in recent weeks. I am also thinking of all our compatriots who abstained. Their silence signified a refusal to choose, to which we must also respond (…). For many of our compatriots who have chosen the far right today, the anger and disagreements that led them to vote for this project must also find an answer. It will be my responsibility and that of those around me (…), because today’s vote requires us to consider all the difficulties of lived lives and to respond effectively to the anger that has been expressed.

The President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron – speech delivered at the Champ de Mars in Paris (April 24, 2022)

While waiting to respond concretely to the frustrations and uneasiness expressed at the ballot box as he promised, President Macron of La République En Marche will work to form a transitional government, before the legislative elections of June 11 and 18, 2022 (in Overseas), an election qualified as “3rd round” by the two other political blocs. The Rassemblement National and La France Insoumise hope as revenge, a cohabitation.

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