Ligue 1 live: Kita takes stock of the sale of FC Nantes and knocks out Landreau

Ligue 1 live: Kita takes stock of the sale of FC Nantes and knocks out Landreau

Nantes: Kita takes stock of the project for a new stadium and a new training center

Waldemar Kita in Rothen ignites on RMC: “The ambition is to have a good industrial tool that would attract players and coaches. But in parallel to the stadium there is the training center, today ours is not is not at the level of some clubs. I think we have to leave. We have found a 40-hectare site for which we will sign by the end of June to install the Academy. It is 20 minutes from Beaujoire. “

Nantes: Kita recognizes “regrets” in the race for Europe in Ligue 1

Waldemar Kita in Rothen ignites on RMC: “My regret is that we have lost 9 points for me since January. That would put us at 59 today… It’s a regret for the players, a regret for Antoine, who tried to do everything to make it go well. (…) But now there is the final.”

Nantes: Kita gets angry with his detractors

Waldermar Kita in Rothen ignites on RMC: “To say that for 5 years, I earn money in Nantes because I cash in: it’s disgusting. It’s my personal money that I put in Nantes.”

Nantes: Kita claims to have invested a lot in the club

Waldermar Kita in Rothen ignites on RMC: “In August, a journalist said that I was no longer putting money in. I put 14 million euros in August compared to the DNCG. Otherwise we would not start the season. […] How much did Laffont cost me, 10 million. How much did Blas cost me, 10 million. How much did Simon cost me, several millions. Is it to invest or not? There aren’t that many sales. I just answered about my investments.”

Nantes: Kita buries the sale to Landreau

Waldermar Kita in Rothen ignites on RMC: “For years the club’s budget has been almost Europe every year. […] I am not a pawn. [Sur Landreau et son rachat?] I don’t think about it anymore.”

Nantes: Kita speaks on the Landreau takeover project and “A la Nantaise”

Waldermar Kita in Rothen ignites on RMC: “I have already answered several times. If someone feels that he can carry the club financially and assuredly and that he is better, no problem I am open. I “I’m open to all proposals but it has to be serious. We don’t sell or buy the club through the media. It’s not serious. […] I’m not here to discuss the price. If we want to talk about it, it’s around a table like a real business leader. Some things go too far. Mr. Landreau came to my office 7 years ago. He wanted to be deputy president of the club and fire everyone including my son. I told him no and 15 days later he was coach of Lorient. What did my son do wrong? He surely has a higher level than this kind of characters. It’s not serious Mr. Landreau.”

Nantes: Kita denies having had problems with coaches

Special guest of the show Rothen ignites on RMC this Monday, the president of Nantes Waldemar Kita spoke about his relations with the coaches of the Canaries.

Nantes: Kita explains why there is no sporting director

Waldermar Kita in Rothen ignites on RMC: “I tried with a former sports director. But there were always problems with the coach, there are clubs where it didn’t go well. The two have to be well-knit, but I have the impression that the sports director wants the coach’s place and the coach is wary of the sports director. Who does the recruitment? There are choices to be made and the problem it’s that the coach has his voice and his tips, but so does the sporting director. It’s very difficult today to find one.”

Nantes: Kita confirms that he is sometimes “fed up”

Waldermar Kita in Rothen ignites on RMC: “There were ups and downs. […] From time to time I get a little pissed off. But when you’re not there on a daily basis, you can’t tell what’s going well or not. You try to see from afar and you keep the financial management. I am into observation and when I no longer have contact with people I get bored very quickly. But when I don’t have it, too bad, that’s how it is. […] Today there are a lot of people around the young people, we can no longer talk to them easily. The most important thing in a club is human contact. You shouldn’t cheat with the players.”

Nantes: Kita on his daily involvement

Waldermar Kita in Rothen ignites on RMC: “I love people, I love contact with players. But not all coaches like that. You shouldn’t blame me for not talking to players if the coach doesn’t want it. I manage from afar, I manage financially that everyone gets paid at the end of the month. I kept my financial promises on salaries and bonuses. It’s up to me to have the flexibility to adapt to what the coach wants. If he wants me not to be there, I’m not there.”

Nantes: Kita on the extension of Kombouaré

Waldermar Kita in Rothen ignites on RMC: “To extend, we must already finish the season. We will already finish the season, we will sit down to talk. I would like to keep the coach for 20 years, he does not no problem. […] I am very happy when people give me compliments because I made a good choice with Kombouaré. Everyone is happy with him, I have no problem with him. I don’t have much of a relationship with him because I’m not often at the club, it’s often my son Franck who manages.”

Nantes: Kita defends itself on its boiling reputation in L1

Waldermar Kita in Rothen ignites on RMC: “I had no human problems with any coach. […] I don’t interfere with how the media talks about me, especially people who are in Nantes. I have no problem with players and coaches. But there is a character and a story created around me.”

Nantes: Kita hails an achievement before the Coupe de France final

Waldermar Kita in Rothen ignites on RMC: “It’s an accomplishment, it means that we are working, that we are serious and that we have given the means. We can thank Antoine Kombouaré, the staff, the players We gave the means by extending the players. We gave the means to make it work well and Antoine did a good job.”

Nantes: Kita not “excited” before the Coupe de France final

Waldermar Kita in Rothen ignites on RMC: “I’m not excited, I’m trying to be normal. The excitement is in the players, the staff, the staff and in the city. It’s important for people and I’m very happy for them. For me, it’s mostly organization.”

Saint-Etienne: the club is considering an appeal after the closed session against Geoffroy-Guichard

The incidents that occurred on Saturday during the match between AS Saint-Etienne and Monaco prompted the LFP’s disciplinary committee to place this file under investigation and to decree a total closed session as a precaution for the Geoffroy-Guichard stadium. In the wake of this announcement, which should last until May 18, the Greens reacted by means of a press release. The opportunity to open the door to an appeal so, in particular, that the last match of the season at home (May 14 against Reims) is not played without the supporters.

“Given the seriousness of this immediately applicable precautionary measure which, as it stands, will deprive more than 30,000 Greens lovers of going to the stadium for the ASSE-Reims meeting on May 14, AS Saint -Étienne has requested from his Councils the analysis of the appeals likely to be initiated without delay”, assured Saint-Etienne in a text published on its official website.

Nasser Larguet leaves OM “for personal reasons”

Current director of the OM training center and former interim coach of the first team (9 games between February and March 2021), Nasser Larguet will leave the Marseille club for “personal reasons” next week.

“Olympique de Marseille respects this decision and would like to thank Nasser for his contribution for nearly three years to the young people of the Training Center, but also to the professional team, writes OM in a press release. The club wishes him the best for his next professional projects. The club is working on the next steps that will allow us to better understand the future of training.”

Saint-Etienne: behind closed doors as a precaution for ASSE after the incidents against Monaco

The LFP Disciplinary Committee has placed the file on the incidents that occurred during the Saint Etienne-Monaco match on the 34th day under investigation. The Geoffroy-Guichard stadium is sanctioned with a total closed session as a precaution until May 18. In fact, the last home game of the season, against Reims on May 14, will be played without an audience.

The doubt remains whole in view of a possible dam for the maintenance according to the decision of the disciplinary committee, on May 18.

What we know about the aggression of Trojan supporters on the return from Nice

The Troyes club denounced on Sunday the aggression suffered by some of its supporters on the way back from Nice, after the defeat of ESTAC against the Aiglons. Read here.

The program for the 35th day:

Friday April 29:

Strasbourg – PSG (9 p.m.)

Saturday April 30:

Lens-Nantes (5 p.m.)

Rennes – Saint-Etienne (21h)

Sunday May 1:

Troyes – Lille (1 p.m.)

Brest – Clermont (3 p.m.)

Lorient – Reims (3 p.m.)

Monaco – Angers (3 p.m.)

Montpellier – Metz (3 p.m.)

Bordeaux-Nice (5:05 p.m.)

Marseille-Lyon (8:45 p.m.)

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