Nantes: Kita "open" to a sale but not to Landreau, with whom he settles his accounts

Nantes: Kita “open” to a sale but not to Landreau, with whom he settles his accounts

Exceptional guest of the show Rothen ignites this Monday on RMC, Waldemar Kita delivered his truths on a possible sale of Nantes. The president of the Ligue 1 club wants real candidates and tackled Mickaël Landreau whom he does not find serious.

Nantes is having a superb season in Ligue 1 under the rule of Antoine Kombouaré. Tenth in the standings four days from the end of the championship and qualified for the final of the Coupe de France on May 7 against Nice, the Nantes club remains potentially for sale according to its owner. Exceptional guest this Monday of the show Rothen ignites on RMC, Waldemar Kita confirmed that he was ready to listen to offers for a takeover of the Canaries.

“I have already answered this subject several times. Obviously we can (sell), if there is someone who feels that he can carry the club financially then there is no problem. Someone who can assure that he is better and with better results or that every year he is going to be champion and he sees things in 10 or 15 years so there is no problem, launched the president at the microphone of RMC. I’m open. I’m not here to say: ah it’s up to me and I’m not giving anything to anyone. No. I’m open to all proposals but it has to be serious. We don’t buy and we don’t sell the club through the media. It’s not serious. It’s not serious. That’s it.”

Landreau wanted to fire everyone in Nantes

After confirming that he would not sell the club to just anyone, Waldemar Kita gave a little anecdote about Mickaël Landreau’s desires in Nantes. Ambitions incompatible with his own vision for the Canaries. The Nantes president split a tackle with both feet off for the former emblematic goalkeeper of the club.

“I’m not here to discuss the price. If someone wants to come see me, he comes to see me like a real business manager, like a real professional, and we talk around the table, said the boss again. de Nantes. I’m going to give you a little anecdote that I’ve never talked about because I try to be professional and to have a certain secret. But some things have gone too far.”

And Waldemar Kita to chain and let go of what he had in his heart: “Seven years ago, Mr. Landreau came to my office. He said to me: ‘President, I offer you a very simple project’. I answered him asking which one and if he wanted to be a coach. He said to me: ‘No, no, coaching that does not interest me at all. I want to take over the club and I want the management of the club. I want to be deputy president of the club, I’m firing your son and I’m firing everyone, I’m cleaning up.’ And then I retort by asking him if he just wants the blue card to do what he wants. It was a bit like that and he almost only came to watch the matches. I said thank you and goodbye. Fifteen days later he was coach of Lorient. That does not make all that very serious.

Kita: “Landreau came with a proposal that was light”

Today, in 2022, Mickaël Landreau still revolves around Nantes and hopes to see the takeover project in which he participates, “Le Collectif nantais”, take the reins of the club in place of the Kita family. An inconceivable situation for President Kita.

“He came with a proposal that was light. Who today, as a father, would accept being told that we are going to fire his son? What did my son do wrong, if is still questioned the owner of the Nantes club during his visit to RMC on Monday. He may not have done good but he has not done any harm. He is a boy who has bac+5 and he has a level of management that is surely superior to this kind of character. Giving him the card (to Landreau) to fire everyone, that’s not how you build. Mickaël Landreau was talking to me about a construction over 15 years and behind it was taking over a football team. It’s not serious. It’s not serious. It’s like a kangaroo jumping all over the place.”

“You can’t sell at any price. It’s one thing, but you also have to make sure that the person is able to assume a certain budget for the club. We must not forget that For years, the club’s budget has been almost for Europe. Every year because that’s how we built it. We’ve never put anyone out of work, President Kita finally estimated in the Rothen show is on fire. I’m not a pawn. You have to take it seriously.”

And to conclude on a possible takeover of Nantes by Mickaël Landreau: “I don’t think about it anymore.” Let it be said, Waldemar Kita is not ready to sell FC Nantes to just anyone and it’s not just a question of money.

Jean-Guy Lebreton with RMC

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