The Celtics send the Nets on vacation: 4-0, ouste, broom!

The Celtics send the Nets on vacation: 4-0, ouste, broom!

The Nets were playing their survival tonight, after only… three games. Spoiler, they are now on the plane for Cancun, despite a Kevin Durant finally in his standards who will have tried with all his soul to prevent the humiliation from happening. Too bad, the Celtics were MUCH better on this series, and they showed no mercy.

For the house statistics of this sweep, it’s HERE!

No room for error this night for Brooklyn, since the broom was out of the closet, ready to do its work. Ben Simmons is still not there contrary to what was announced since the start of the series, and it is therefore always Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant who must lead the Nets troop to avoid a terrible humiliation. Steve Nash’s men have not shown much in the last two games, completely locked and dominated by the Celtics who respect their Mozart-style score. Rather logical therefore to see a start of meeting which goes completely in this direction: Boston makes its concert without glitch and the Nets are them in full spleen, the shots are all difficult and the success is therefore very dissonant. Kevin Durant then takes the tempo in hand, with Seth Curry in his wake, but the tarantula quickly drags rather noisy pans: two entry faults, the third arriving in the second quarter. Cool, cleaver match and the conductor can no longer defend after fifteen minutes. Fortunately KD compensates in attack, unlike Nic Claxton who sends planes on all his throws. We should perhaps check if there is not an open door in the room because there are obviously strong drafts, and funny Nico will end his evening at… 1/11, including nine failures in a row, performance all-time in terms of nullity.

The C’s share the ball, find space and improve all their big defensive sessions with useful shots. We love this kind of basketball recited like poetry and Brooklyn is thus hunting down scoring level visitors, who have been like since the start of the series always between five and ten lengths ahead, despite a not necessarily legendary success in the first act. Have we talked about Kyrie Irving yet? Logically, we are more on Uncle Hole than Uncle Drew tonight, completely off the mark in the first half. At the break, the score is 58-50 in favor of the Celtics, and there is nothing to say.

We are of course going to talk a lot about these Nets who are therefore being swept dirty, because we would undoubtedly have laughed vocally in the face of anyone who could have evoked such nonsense ten days ago. As for the match in any case, it’s… copy paste with Brooklyn’s other performances since the start of this series: two major players who are too well guarded, and despite a few outbursts from the lieutenants, it doesn’t hold up. . The differences between the matches are also very flattering: always five to ten points… you could say to yourself that it’s tight, huh, but it’s like winter in Aurillac: the thermometer shows -6 and the feeling turns more towards – 25. In the end Kevin Durant will have tried EVERYTHING, returning shots of which he alone has the secret, and he will finish his party with 39 points, 7 rebounds and 9 assists but… in vain.

Jayson Tatum was once again the boss of the Celtics with his 29 points, 3 rebounds and 5 assists, the end of an end-to-end domination in the series. Behind him we could highlight the evening performances of Grant Williams, Jaylen Brown, Marcus Smart or Al Horford, and for them it is also a copy of the other matches in the series: offensive collective, defensive toughness, everyone participates and it pays off, there is even a broom function. The Nets did come back to a small point at the end of the game, but the last possession will be a last panty poo, a term that is also suitable to describe their series, definitely, and Ime Udoka will therefore have put Steve Nash in coaching level underwear for four games, a sentence that we would never have thought to write three months ago. 116-112 victory for the Celtics who have just offered basketball fans a four-game concerto, presented by a team of virtuosos, hats off.

Direction Cancún for the players of Brooklyn, nothing illogical and all deserved after a series which will have been tight only during the first match. We will now have to draw the conclusions of this complicated season and above all ended in a bitter humiliation. Huge congratulations to the Celtics, because we saw four games of pure basketball, a real treat, really.

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