Big point being missed in SBW-Hunt showdown

Former boxing world champion Danny Green will be part of Stan Sport’s expert coverage for Saturday night’s blockbuster clash between Sonny Bill Williams and Mark Hunt.

Green spoke with Wide World of Sports to break down how the fight might unfold.

Sonny Bill Williams will face Mark Hunt in a titanic heavyweight clash on November 5. Watch live and exclusive on Stan

WWOS: It’s the same old story for a Mark Hunt fight isn’t it – Sonny has a big reach advantage (1.94m tall compared with 1.78m). I assume Mark will be relying on the chance of a knockout blow?

Green: Mark Hunt’s chin is world class. His power is phenomenal, everyone knows about his power but Sonny has real power too. I think that’s what a lot of people are forgetting, is Sonny’s power and his ability.

He smoked Barry (Hall) in 30 seconds, he was done. So I think Sonny will out-box Mark and be able to hold him at bay with his length.

But you can never count out a guy like Mark Hunt. He’s lost 28kg and he’s focused, switched on. Mark is one of the greatest combat sports fighters that the world has seen.

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K1, the guy is a living legend and that is a brutal game. So going against Sonny, he ain’t daunted, he ain’t fazed. This is a walk in the park for him as far as what he’s done before but he’s also very switched on and extremely respectful of Sonny.

Because Sonny is a consumate pro and he has a great deal of respect for Mark. You heard him say he grew up loving the block, idolizing him. Sonny is an incredible human, he’ll be in the best shape of his life both physically, mentally and emotionally.

So it’s going to be very difficult for Hunt. When Sonny is firing on all cylinders, and as he progresses in this sport, you’re going to see a guy who has potential – if he really wants to – to do something pretty special.

SBW monsters Hall in first-round stoppage

The guy is an incredible athlete and he’s been a fighter for a long time. A lot of people are jumping up and down, saying ‘oh, he’s a league player, we’re sick of this s—‘, well he’s a boxer now. He’s had nine fights as a professional boxer and he dedicates his life to it. That’s what he is now.

Just because he took it up late, doesn’t mean he’s not a genuine fighter. He is and on Saturday night people will realize how much potential he has.

WWOS: So you see Sonny as the clear favourite?

Green: I think he is on paper, yeah, but you can’t f—ing turn your head for a split second with Mark Hunt. He’s just a legend.

WWOS: The pure, technical boxing stuff might not be Mark’s forte but if you’ve got a chin like his it can cover up a lot of cracks, can’t it?

Green: Yes he is going to be able to absorb a lot. But again, don’t forget that Sonny is not a powder puff puncher. Sonny is a big man and he can really punch.

His technique, his placement, his timing – he won’t have to go looking for Mark. I don’t think Mark will be hard to find. And don’t underestimate Mark’s boxing ability – he’s got so much experience.

Hunt’s remarkable 20kg weight loss

That weight of experience could be a telling factor. I think Mark will have less nerves than Sonny, he’ll be relaxed. He’s got nothing to lose, all the pressure’s on Sonny.

But Mark is a proud man so you know he’s going to be giving all he’s got. It’s a really interesting match and the closer it gets the more excited I’m getting.

F—, this is going to be unreal.

WWOS: Sonny came out swinging hard against Barry Hall and finished him early. Would that be a risky move against Mark?

Green: Yes. I predict Sonny will want to come out and dominate – but dominate conservatively.

Not take any silly risks and he has the skills to dominate at length with his reach. He’s got a big, long, strong, cracking jab and that should be able to keep Mark at bay.

But it’s up to Mark to then work out, ‘how do I get inside this block, how do I get him close?’. And Mark is also accustomed to fighting big, long, tall men.

It’s a real good match-up.

WWOS: Sonny has spoken about missing Andy Lee’s presence as his trainer in this camp. Will that be making him nervous?

Green: It’s hard for me to say. But Sonny and Andy have a real good relationship so it’s a possibility.

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